Long Nose Puppets: Arthur's Dream Boat


Alia Alzougbi
1:15, 2:30, 3:30

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One night, Arthur has an amazing dream about a beautiful boat, but no one (not even his dog) is interested.


A magical, playful show with breathtaking puppets, so enchanting that everyone will want to sail away with Arthur in his dream boat!

With music by Tom Gray, of Mercury Award winning band Gomez.

Alia Alzougbi

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Alia Alzougbi

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Funny and wise stories from different cultures with clues about how we can live together. Recorded in October 2020 with families from North East Hastings Gap Project.


'... Elegant charisma... absorbing, entrancing.'  
John Park, Fringe Report 

Kevin Graal

12:45 Nursery Rhymes

1:30 Lazy Jack

2:45 The Last Tiger

Three magical stories for younger children

'Kevin Graal is a great storyteller who brings thoughts, feelings, and the music in words directly to children.'

Michael Rosen, Author & broadcaster

Yarns for story lovers young, old and in between: A mixture of traditional tales from around the world and Richard's own creations.

Grab some cushions, snuggle up and pretend you are in Richard's cosy yurt for these magical tales.

Richard Storybeard
1:00, 2:15, 3:45

Loulou and Ben

Your live hosts for the day

Lizzy is a little bit little and theworld is a tall place. 'If only the world would come down to me...and then it does...

Tell a story and make theatre in your own home. You'll need papaer, pens, tape, boxes, card, a sheet or scarf...or just join in with your imagination!

We've got lots of nice activities you can do whenever you want! 

Out of the Bag Theatre, Lizzy Likes Lizards

Join the wagon parade from your own home!

See wagons made by local schools and watch Circo Rum Baba's weird and wonderful octopus!



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