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Xanthe Gresham: Kitchen Goddess 

Monday 19 - Thursday 22 October

7.30-8.30pm, online

FREE (12+/16+)

A different story each evening from Monday to Thursday, plus conversation and special guests (see below).

Tired of fasts not food? Thyme for Kitchen Goddess!
Xanthe’s up-beet, keep calm and carrot-on approach will totally transform your relation-chip to food.

Take a dollop of story from Egypt, Greece, Arabia, South America – whatever is fresh and available. Knead in dates, spices and other choice ingredients. Flambe with philosophy of the feminine variety.

These new stories are a precursor to Xanthe’s new Goddess Festival. They may be a little spicy. The first three (19-21 Oct) are suitable for those aged 12+ and 22 Oct for those aged 16+.

Filmed and directed by Kathy Hammad

Music by Arash Moradi and Sherry Robinson

Sound Design by Jamie Moore

‘She speaks like a woman spitting jewels.’Arts Council

‘Lettuce Celerybrate – From Inanna to Banana, from Isis to Piesis, Kitchen Goddess puts the fat back into folktale.’

Monday 19 October

Plum Heavies (12+)

The Goddess of Sussex makes Plum Heavies with Wilmington Man.

With special guests Laura Coppin (Tech goblin, eco activist, performer and miserable clown), Alex Etchart (Anglo-Uruguayan social artist and multi-instrumentalist composer) and Philippa Snell (Musical Director of Shakti Sings)

Tuesday 20 October

Re-member (12+)

Come back for seconds as The Goddess Isis re-members her beloved Osiris by making herb fritters.

With special guests Arash Moradi (Musician and composer), Katrine Faber (Actress, singer, voice composer, storyteller and Artistic Director of Teater Viva), Aksel Striim, and Suzanne Corbie (Sacred Heretic, Witch and Priestess)

See below for more info on guests

Wednesday 21 October

Lashings of Cream (12+)

And thirds – Cake Goddess blesses excess - fruity folktales with lashings of cream. 
With special guests Ana Lines (Brazilian journalists and storyteller), Gisella Reyes (co-experiencer of a haunting in Mexico) and more (tbc)

See below for more info on guests

Thursday 22 October

Sticky Buns (16+)

Going out with a bang – Kitchen Goddess uses Neolithic recipe to make yum yums, sticky buns and coochie cookies.

With special guests Seema Ananad (Writer, storyteller and author of the Arts of Seduction), Alia Alzougbi (BAFTA nominated artist, educator & cultural producer), Jaqueline Haigh (writer, performer, story consultant) and Fleur Shorthouse (storyteller, philosopher, teacher).

See below for more info on guests

Xanthe's guests...

Laura Coppin

Tech goblin, eco activist, performer and miserable clown. Laura passionately loves the natural world and seeks to express its voice and its grief in her work.

Katrine Faber & Aksel Striim


Actress, Singer, Voice Composer, Storyteller and Artistic Director of Teater Viva. Advisor and performer for Xanthe's forthcoming Goddess Festival (see below)

Tanya Batt


Storyteller, author and educator 

Calendar Girl for Goddess Festival (tbc!) See below

Fleur Shorthouse


Storyteller, Philosopher, Teacher who will perform at the Goddess Festival in 2020 (see below)

Alex Etchart

Anglo-Uruguayan social artist and multi-instrumentalist composer. 

Seema Anand


Writer, Storyteller and Author of the Arts of Seduction –

Advisor and performer for the Goddess Festival (see below)


Seema's TedX has 10 million views

Her book is The Art of Seduction

Visit Seema on instagram

Visit Seema on facebook

Thanks to Jill Greenhalgh

Jill Greenhalgh is the founder of the Magdalena Project, a dynamic cross-cultural network, providing an international platform for women’s performance work, a forum for critical discussion, and a source of support, inspiration and performance training.'

Ana Lines


Brazilian born journalist and storyteller 

Will be coming to Xanthe's forthcoming Goddess Festival with 'Frieda Kahlo' (see below)

Alia Alzougbi


BAFTA-nominated artist, educator & cultural producer. Alia's practice is based on storytelling techniques and traditions and, as well as performing, she curates cultural events. 

Thanks to Bernadette Vallely

Bernadette is creator of Shakti Sings and author of Your Planet Needs You

Arash Moradi


Arash was born in the Kurdish city of Kermanshah in Western Iran and has performed as a soloist in the Queen Elizbeth Hall London, with BBC Radio 4 and throughout Iran and Europe. His latest CD is The Bridge (available on Amazon)

Gisella Reyes


Personal friend of Xanthe's and co-experiencer of a haunting in Mexico.

Jaqueline Haigh


Writer/Performer/Story Consultant
The Goddess Tantric Massage Parlour for the Goddess Festival (see below)


Goddess Festival

Xanthe Gresham is currently working towards a brand new Goddess Festival, which will feature many of her guests from Kitchen Goddess:

Watch this space and visit for updates

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